WELCOME TO THE FUTURE OF COSMETICS. If you care about your health and worry about the damaging chemicals in the products that you daily use and your body absorbs this is your range. Let us look after you. Ageing is a natural law. We cannot turn back time nor stop the time process of our body. However, what we can definitely do is to provide our skin with all the vitamins and supplements needed for a healthy, fresh, moisturised and luminous skin from the inside-out. This is the reason why our Genetica Cosmetics organic skin care range is born for her and him. All this combined with a healthy and balance eating will make you feel like you have never felt before. Make the most of what you have been given. Give your skin all the time and care it needs. For a healthy looking skin. Genetica Cosmetics.

  • Protects your hair and nails.
  • Organic.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Repairs daily environmental damage.
  • Makes hair very easy to brush and very soft to the touch.
  • Stimulates hair cells reconstruction for visibly radiant and revitalised hair.

Ingredients: Argan Oil*, Extract of Rosemary*, Chamomile*, Sunflower Seed Oil*, Shea Butter*, Extract of Melissa*, Vitamins A, C, D, E and K. *from organic certified farm

Parabens, Nickel, Gluten, Allergen and SLS & SLES free.

Indications: Apply on hair gently and let sit for a few minutes. Rinse. For best results, use in combination with the shampoo of Genetica Cosmetics.

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